October 2015

Date Title
10/2/15 Dold Gathering Support for Discharge Petition Forcing Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Vote on House Floor

September 2015

Date Title
9/30/15 Dold Votes to Avert Government Shutdown
9/30/15 Dold, Bipartisan Lawmakers Continue Fight to Protect U.S. Airlines and Workers from Unfair Competition
9/24/15 Dold Statement on Pope Francis Address to Congress
9/17/15 Dold, 10 GOP Congressmen Call for Action on Climate Change
9/17/15 Dold Offers Amendments to Protect Title X Funding and Prohibit Sale of Fetal Tissue
9/16/15 Dold, Lipinski Lead Bipartisan Push to Improve Freight Movement
9/11/15 Dold on Iran Agreement: "Shameful Perversion of Democracy"
9/1/15 Dold Statement on Death of Fox Lake Police Officer

August 2015

Date Title
8/31/15 Dold Calls for Increased Federal Funding for Life-Saving Research at Northwestern Medical Innovation Summit
8/28/15 Dold Announces Support for Bipartisan Eating Disorders Bill at Treatment Facility in Northbrook
8/27/15 Dold, Roskam Unveil Bipartisan Bill to Protect Seniors from Fraud
8/24/15 Dold Unveils Bill to Help Welfare Recipients Get Jobs

July 2015

Date Title
7/30/15 Dold, Gabbard Introduce Bipartisan Resolution to Protect Religious Minorities in Bangladesh
7/28/15 Dold Releases Blueprint for a Better Iran Deal
7/23/15 Dold Statement On Sanctuary Cities
7/23/15 Dold Statement on Historic Illinois Anti-BDS Law
7/22/15 Dold, Dingell Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Protect Domestic Abuse, Stalking Victims
7/20/15 Dold Statement on Administration Attempt to Bypass Congressional Approval on Iran Agreement
7/14/15 Dold: Deeply Flawed Iran Deal is Historic Mistake, Congress Must Reject It